Clearinghouses, Knowledge-Sharing, and Web / Internet Strategies

The Web and other technological advances are reshaping such disciplines as niche marketing, relationship marketing, distance learning, and knowledge sharing. Cullbridge provides world-class capabilities for taking advantage of the emerging opportunities. 


  • Needs Identification / Market Analysis

  • Strategy Development and Conceptual Design

  • Implementation and Enhancements

  • Coaching and training 

  • User Satisfaction and Usability Testing

  • External reviews

Representative Experience

  • Independent Evaluation and Inaugural strategic plan for the
    Global Clearing-House Mechanism operated by the United Nations Environment Program's Convention on Biological Diversity (in collaboration with the LURA Group.) 

  • Developed a communications plan for the Canadian Biodiversity 
    Information Network, Canada’s node in the International Clearing House  Mechanism for the Convention on Biological Diversity. 

  • Independent evaluation of the global OzonAction clearinghouse operated by the United Nations Environment Program in support of the Montreal Protocol (in collaboration with the LURA Group.) 

  • Assisted Environment Canada in assessing options for its Clean Air web site.  This included user testing, automated usability testing, user interviews and  benchmarking interviews.  In collaboration with the International Institute  for Sustainable Development (IISD.)

  • Facilitated a group of key stakeholders from across Canada in developing the concept proposal for a Canadian Clearinghouse on Environmental Learning and Sustainability.

  • Contributed to the conceptual design of Healthy Indoors (in collaboration with Small & Flemming, and Pollution Probe.)

  • Helped plan and conduct user testing for the Federation of Canadian Municipality’s Knowledge Network Web site.

  • Created a structured on-line public consultation
    forum for the City of Toronto's Wet Weather Flow project
    (in collaboration with the LURA Group.)

  • Created both the initial and second generation Web sites for This included the development of site content maps and review texts. The initial site served as the hub for a national multi-stakeholder strategy development,  consultation and alliance building process. 

  • Wrote full-length case studies for Transport Canada's Urban Transportation Showcase, an on-line library of Canadian innovative transportation practices. 




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Cullbridge created and publishes the internationally acclaimed Tools of Change website. This clearinghouse of outreach best practices averages a million hits a year from a tightly targeted audience of social marketing planners and practitioners.

On-line Consultations and Workshops

We have created and/or facilitated a number of ongoing on-line / multi-media consultations and workshops including:

  • Healthy Indoors (initial website)

  • Watershed stewardship

  • City of Toronto's Wet Weather Flow project (picture to the left)

United Nations Environment Program


We conducted multilingual evaluations for two international UNEP clearinghouses (see Global Clearinghouse Mechanism,  and OzonAction clearinghouse, to the left).

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Cullbridge helped to plan, and conducted user testing for the Federation of Canadian Municipality’s Knowledge Network Web site


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