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Best Practices in the Monitoring and Evaluation of Program Impacts

The Challenge

The field of social marketing currently boasts a large number of independent programs that are diverse in size, scope, geographic range, reach and goals. The majority of these programs report their progress and are managed on the basis of their internal processes and outputs, and not on their outcomes. Our client, Environment Canada, wanted to understand current theory and best practices around measuring and tracking program outcomes

Our Approach

CULLBRIDGE™ contacted  well over 100 ‘experts’ from all six of the world’s major continents, and reviewed fifteen international examples of best practices in the area.


Our primary partner on this project was Glenn Pothier of GLPi. The final report was reviewed by Doug McKenzie-Mohr.


We introduced our client to others doing similar exploratory work (a team within the US EPA), and they are now collaborating in this area.

Our report provided Environment Canada with a solid foundation for this work.

"I think you have done an admirable job in putting this report together. It will provide Environment Canada with assistance in moving forward on encouraging effective environmental evaluations."

Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr




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