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Federation of Canadian Municipalities

The Challenge

To support Canadian municipalities in becoming more sustainable.

Our Approach

Cullbridge has supported FCM's Sustainable Communities group since its inception, with such projects as:

  •  Developed, with funding from Health Canada, Transport Canada and Environment Canada, a ‘how to’ guide for municipalities on implementing active, sustainable transportation programs.

  • Helped manage a three-year joint FCM-Health Canada project that supported member municipalities in piloting new approaches for fostering active transportation. Developed associated capacity-building resources and promoted them to members.

  • Developed a resource guide of programs that can assist municipalities with the education and outreach aspects of their CO2 reduction efforts.  Part of FCM’s Sustainable Communities Toolkit Binder.

  • Researched, selected and wrote a behavior change case study on Greater Vancouver’s transportation demand management (TDM) program.

  • Wrote case studies for the CMH2M Hill – FCM Sustainable Communities Awards.

  • Helped plan and conduct user testing for the FCM’s Knowledge Network Web site. 


Noxon Associates and Go For Green.



Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Cullbridge has supported FCM's Sustainable Communities group since its inception

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