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Indoor Environment Marketplace Workshops

The Challenge

To help suppliers of indoor environment (IE) products and services focus and expand their research and development activities, promote their products and services, and increase their exports.

Our Approach

Full day multi-stakeholder workshops were held in six cities across Canada. These workshops helped to communicate recent and upcoming advances in the marketplace, and to strengthen working relationships among stakeholders. The workshop content was market-tested using initial telephone interviews and ongoing participant evaluations.  At the workshops, participants were provided with a variety of printed resource materials such as market reports and industry directories. CULLBRIDGE™ initiated this project and obtained funding from the Canadian Council on Human Resources in the Environment Industry, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Environment Canada, Industry Canada, National Research Council, and Natural Resources Canada.  In addition, sponsorships were obtained from a wide range of related trade associations.


bydEsign Consultants


Participants rated the workshops highly (7 or higher on a 10 point scale) for its ability to:

  • provide a good "road map" of the industries, recent and upcoming advances, and how to access related products and services,

  • help focus and expand participants' related business activities, and

  • strengthen working relationships among industry stakeholders.



Our Partners Speak For Us

"I am writing to congratulate you and your organizing committee for a very interesting and timely workshop. I have received only positive comments....On that basis, I am recommending that you give serious consideration to a "follow-up" workshop next year."

Dave Illsey, Construction Specifications Canada, Calgary Chapter (a local co-host)

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