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Nortel Network TDM Strategy

The Challenge

To assist Nortel Networks in engaging employees to carpool, telecommute, walk, bike and/or skate to work more often.  The company wanted to develop and pilot an approach that could be replicated at its locations world-wide.

Our Approach

Based on employee focus groups, a literature review and baseline commuting statistics, we co-authored the program's inaugural strategic plan.  Our co-author was Nortel Network's Green-Commute Project Manager.


"The Nortel Networks Ottawa GreenCommute program has become a world class TDM program and is one of the most proactive and all-encompassing TDM programs in Canada"

"While we have not yet evaluated the impact of the program on daily commuting practices, our participation in Ottawa-Carleton's Commuter Challenge is an indication of our success to date. In 1998, we had a 3% participation rate in that event; in 1999 (after launching our program), 21% participated.  We've since won the Commuter Challenge top private sector employer award 5 years in a row (1999-2003)." 

Sharon Lewinson
Manager, Green Commute, Nortel Networks


Our Clients Speak for Us

"Cullbridge helped focus us on each key aspect of strategy development. They provided an impartial, professional viewpoint that helped establish the basis for a cohesive, comprehensive program, and outlined a wealth of promising marketing options for us. The focus group sessions they led really got to the core of the main issues. As a result, our strategy was well founded and our program has been very well received at our pilot location.

Sharon Lewinson, Manager, Green Commute, Nortel Networks

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