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20th Anniversary

This section provides an overview of some representative projects we have conducted. Using the annotated alphabetical list below, you can select project summaries, and/or link directly to some examples of our work.  If you prefer, you can also select projects by service or area of focus

Best Practices in Reducing the Cosmetic Use of Pesticides on Residential Property    Researched the relative effectiveness of outreach approaches being used in Canada, USA and Europe for reducing the cosmetic use of pesticides on residential property, both with and without legislative intervention (e.g. pesticide by-laws.)

Best Practices in the Monitoring and Evaluation of Program Impacts  Contacted  well over 100 ‘experts’ from all six of the world’s major continents, and reviewed fifteen international examples of best practices in the area.

Community-Based Social Marketing Tool Kit   Developed, tested and disseminated practical information on community-based social marketing tools for promoting environmental citizenship.

Change Management Communications Engaged municipal staff and external stakeholders in supporting and contributing to upcoming changes at the Region of Ottawa-Carleton.

City of London Prepared a chapter for the City's Waste Management Plan Identifying attractive social marketing opportunities.

Climate Change Public Education and Outreach. Developed various research and strategy papers for the Public Education and Outreach (PEO) and Municipalities Issue Tables of Canada's National Climate Change Process.

Domestic (Canadian) Markets for Indoor Environment Products and Services The first characterization study of the Canadian Indoor Environment Industries.

Export Markets  Prioritized export markets for clean air technologies.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities   Cullbridge has supported FCM's Sustainable Communities group since its inception.

Green Communities Served as a social marketing advisor and trainer, developed a social marketing toolkit for use by the communities, and provided ongoing planning and implementation assistance.

Green Commute  Assisted Nortel Networks in developing a program for engaging its employees to carpool, telecommute, walk, bike and/or skate to work more often.

Healthy Housing Helped Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) develop a national communication strategy for its Healthy Housing initiative, and increase awareness of CMHC as an information company.

Healthy Indoors: Organized a national, multi-stakeholder strategy development, consultation and alliance-building process for creating healthy indoor environments in Canada.

Indoor Environment Workshops Organized full day multi-stakeholder workshops in six cities across Canada to communicate recent and upcoming advances in the indoor environment marketplace, and to strengthen working relationships among its stakeholders.

Product Launch  Created trade awareness through advertisements, articles and case studies, conference sessions, and trade show exhibits, to support the launch of a new chemical waste treatment system from a young Canadian company into the U.S. marketplace.  A short video was also produced, documenting the company's first high profile American installation, and the resulting client benefits.

Sustainable Community Planning Developed a national strategy for our client to use, in cooperation with its partners, to engage consumers in adopting more sustainable community planning alternatives.  Five product concepts were tested, and strategic directions for each were recommended.

Synthesis of the Community Animation Program (CAP) Provided a national synthesis of the approaches taken and lessons learned from CAP, a community-based environmental health animation program, run cooperatively by Environment Canada and Health Canada.

Tools of Change Web site  Founded on the principles of community-based social marketing, this site links a growing bank of case studies and ‘lessons learned’ with planning guides and worksheets, to help program planners and implementers learn more quickly from their collective experience. It highlights approaches that have been particularly successful so that they can be replicated and built upon, as well as "turnkey" programs that have been ‘pre-packaged’ for use by others. The site is full of examples that are presented to each user in a customized manner, according to his or her interest profile. Users can save their planning work between sessions, and can download the resulting draft plans and work summaries to common word processors for further refinement.

Trade Association  On the basis of interviews with a variety of environmental stakeholders, advised the Ontario and Quebec trade associations for grain corn producers on 'building bridges' with the environmental community.

U.N. Biodiversity Clearinghouse Mechanism Developed the inaugural strategic plan for the global Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM) operated by the United Nations Environment Program's Convention on Biological Diversity, and conducted an independent evaluation of its Pilot Phase.  

UNEP OzonAction Clearinghouse Service  Conducted an Independent evaluation of the global OzonAction clearinghouse operated by the United Nations Environment Program in support of the Montreal Protocol.

Voluntary Initiatives  Co-authored a report covering the legal aspects of indoor air quality in Canada, market drivers and barriers, reviews of selected voluntary initiatives, expert interviews, an analysis of barriers and key elements for success, and a proposal for a national strategy emphasizing voluntary initiatives.



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Cullbridge created and publishes the internationally acclaimed Tools of Change website. This clearinghouse of outreach best practices averages a million hits a year from a tightly targeted audience of social marketing planners and practitioners.

United Nations Environment Program


Cullbridge developed the inaugural strategic plan for the global Clearing-House Mechanism operated by the United Nations Environment Program's Convention on Biological Diversity, and conducted an independent evaluation of its Pilot Phase. We also conducted an independent evaluation of the international clearinghouse that supports implementation of the Montreal Protocol on ozone depleting substances.

Healthy Indoors Partnership

Cullbridge helped birth and provided management services to the still flourishing Healthy Indoors Partnership, a not-for-profit organization that promotes healthier indoor environments in Canada through multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

We helped research and plan CMHC's Healthy Housing and Sustainable Community Planning consumer outreach initiatives.  

Pesticide Reduction Best Practices

We researched the relative effectiveness of outreach approaches being used in Canada, USA and Europe for reducing the cosmetic use of pesticides on residential property.

Pilot Phosphorus Trading Program

Cullbridge evaluated a leading edge initiative for applying economic incentives (a phosphorus trading system) for surface water management.

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