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Sustainable Community Planning

The Challenge

To develop a national strategy for our client to use in cooperation with its partners, to engage consumers in adopting more sustainable community planning alternatives. The client, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), had already produced information materials for the trade on this topic and was wanting to begin development of consumer information materials as well.

Our Approach

Based on national interviews and focus groups, and a brainstorming session with CMHC staff, we developed a strategy for producing and distributing the information. Five product concepts were tested, and strategic directions for each were recommended.


This was a joint project of CULLBRIDGE™ and GLPi.


CMHC has since developed all five of the recommended information products, and all have been well received.

"The consultants provided us with tremendous insight into consumer needs on this topic, and the willingness of particular partners to participate with us. They also helped us initiate and organize our initiative - from working out definitions, to designing our approach and setting priorities." 

Susan Fisher, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation



Our Clients Speak for Us

" We had intended their report to be an internal document for planning purposes, but it contained so much valuable and interesting information that we decided to distribute it through our Housing Information Centre so others could benefit from it as well." 

Susan Fisher, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Your Next Move

One of the five products we suggested was a brochure entitled "Your Next Move"
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