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Change Management Communications

The Challenge

To engage municipal staff and external stakeholders in supporting and contributing to upcoming changes. Prior to the amalgamation of a number of municipal governments into the new City of Ottawa, our client was the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton.   

Our Approach

One project was for the Region's Social Services.  Based on the results of focus groups and in-depth telephone interviews, an internal communication plan and subsequently an external communication plan were developed for its Improving Client Services initiative.  A range of innovative and cost-effective strategies were recommended and implemented.  We also suggested the name for the initiative, to help re-position it from its earlier focus on information technologies, and coached the department's Communications Branch in conducting a two year follow-up evaluation.

Another project (Genesis) involved introducing a new enterprise management system for the entire Regional government. The new system required significant changes from a wide range of staff and other stakeholders. We led a series of focus group sessions, then coached the Region's communications staff in developing and subsequently conducting a two-year impact evaluation of an internal and external communication plan. 

Most recently, we conducted focus group research to monitor progress against the new City of Ottawa's Change Management Plan, early on in the transition process. That plan covered the human side of the amalgamation of the region's municipalities. 


Bronson Consulting Group


"The two year follow-up evaluation of the Improving Client Services initiative showed that communications efforts had been quite successful. Most staff thought the changes had been necessary, and that their reservations about using new computer technologies had been largely overcome. Additionally, supervisors thought they had been well prepared to respond to questions from their staff. The evaluation also helped us to identify barriers to broader staff engagement, and ensure our implementation activities remained 'on-track'." 

Angela Kennedy, Region of Ottawa-Carleton Social Services


Our Clients Speak for Us

"We opted to have Cullbridge coach us - that strengthened our in-house capabilities and was cost effective too. One of Cullbridge's early suggestions was to have staff communication 'liaisons' at each of our offices - and that has been invaluable for us. I have worked with Cullbridge now on five separate projects, and have always been very impressed with their grasp of the issues and their professionalism, and very pleased with the results."

Angela Kennedy, Region of Ottawa-Carleton Social Services

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