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Your Instructor

The instructor for all of our social marketing instruction webinars is Jay Kassirer MBA CMRP. He has been delivering social marketing training and coaching sessions since 1994, and has offered scheduled instructional webinars since 2003.

Jay Kassirer

Program Experience

Jay has 25 years of professional marketing, communications and research experience involving environment, health and sustainability. He has contributed to the development of enduring outreach programs such as the Green Communities’ home energy audit and well aware programs, BC Hydro’s Power Smart program and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Healthy Housing and Sustainable Community Planning initiatives, and co-led the formation and growth of Canada’s multi-stakeholder Healthy Indoors Partnership.

Volunteer Involvement

Additional Credentials and Awards

  • Outstanding Contribution to Social Marketing Award, World Social Marketing Conference, May, 2107.

  • Lead author of the Tools of Change Workbook (with Doug McKenzie-Mohr, co-author)

  • Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP),Canadian Marketing Research and Intelligence Association

  • Master of Business Administration Degree in marketing from York University (1987)

  • Bachelor of Education from Queen's University (1978)

  • Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in biology and environmental sciences from Queen's University (1977). 


Recent Comments from Instructional Webinar Participants

  • I really liked how interactive the webinar was, allowing participants to provide their ideas and ask questions for their own unique subject. (March, 2016)

  • If anyone is considering participating in a Tools of Change webinar, I would highly recommend and encourage their registration. It allows the participant to take part without having to reschedule their entire day or week, especially considering there are no travel costs. I found the webinar to be the perfect amount of information in a realistic time frame to absorb the subject, especially for those who are newer to social marketing. I also really appreciated how interactive the webinar was, allowing participants to provide their ideas and examples, as well as ask questions, for their own unique field of interest. It had the valuable information and brainstorming of a weekend conference packed into a morning without having to leave the office. (March, 2016)

  • I see your webinars as a potential way to offer professional development for our volunteers. It's a fun way to learn, a great way to connect participants with similar interests and it saves $, our environment, and is mentally charging. (January, 2016)

  • Jay is very personal and shows a willingness to help on your program while explaining the overarching topic/big picture (January, 2016)

  • I liked that the webinar was an introductory webinar, so it wasn't over my head and I knew there were several others in the same boat as me. I loved the interactiveness of the webinar... I gained a lot of information from the webinar. (January, 2016)

  • It was my first webinar and it worked without a glitch. (January, 2016)

  • Very well prepared and organised - making sure all the technical details would be in order. (January, 2016)

  • The most interactive webinars I’ve attended. (January, 2016)

  • I loved being able to interact with the speaker, to discuss a chosen example, see it through the social marketing lens, and learn how social marketing works in practice. Also the resources made available after the webinar. (January, 2016)

  • My questions were addressed directly, rather then getting lost amongst all the comments (January, 2016)

  • This webinar was extremely useful for me. Jay touched on why social marketing is important and showed us a step by step approach to developing a behavior change program. He walked us through common issues we face and emphasized that we shouldn’t assume or overlook certain steps. We were able to select a behavior and apply his steps to our behavior. I found it informative but yet personal. He provided insight to us individually. (January, 2016)

  • “Building Motivation Over Time” conducted by Jay Kassirer was a wonderful webinar. I loved how he had each of us had one behavior in mind that we wanted to promote. As we went through the webinar, he asked specific questions where it would apply to our behavior. It was by far the most interactive webinar in which I have participated. He gave several examples of building motivation for behavior change through case studies, and was willing to offer advice and assistance for our behaviors. I am excited to learn more about Community Based Social Marketing through the Tools of Change webinars. (December, 2015)

  • This webinar encouraged discussion in our group. (December, 2015)

  • A thorough overview and refresher ... but also elaborated on some helpful tricks of the trade that I found especially interesting and useful as someone with an advanced degree in Health Communication ...led by a veteran ... frequent audience polling and a real-time discussion forum, made the webinar feel more like a classroom and kept the attendees engaged... I would highly recommend attending (November, 2015)

  • As always, a top notch experience (November, 2015)

  • Good introduction, good audience interaction. Presenter spoke clearly, presentation was well-organized and made sense (November, 2015)

  • An informative seminar with directly applicable tools and strategies (November, 2015)

  • The level of webinar support you provide is exceptional (October, 2015)

  • I was very appreciative of the immediate response and technical help that was offered when I could not join the session on time. I later determined it was MY Computer that was doing back-up activities that prevented it from joining your session, even after I had updated and tested the system the night before! Again, your technical support and staff are great! (October, 2015)

  • The technical support and web interface were all excellent (October, 2015)

  • Engaging and informative (October, 2015)

  • Tools and resources available were great, as was knowledge of the speaker (October, 2015)

  • Thank you for making the webinar one that could run on our system. It is so frustrating with the different webinar tools that are available, and so few of them are compatible. (June, 2015)

  • Great presentation (June, 2015)

  • As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar (June, 2015)

  • Exceptional at helping participants feel involved and engaged (June, 2015)

  • A fabulous service to those of us working in this industry…keep up the great work! (May, 2015)

  • Great technical assistance and smooth running! (April, 2015)

  • Provided a Solid framework with lots of opportunity for further exploration (March, 2015)

  • Really helped us feel involved and engaged (March, 2015)

  • Great understanding of the material (March, 2015)

  • Great value – especially with access to Jay for three months after the webinar! We'd love to share preliminary plans & get feedback. (February, 2015)

  • Webinar participation was managed superbly and interaction with the audience went very smoothly- just great. (February, 2015)

  • This will help us be more effective with our program. Why spend time and money needlessly on activities that may backfire, have unintended consequences or just waste precious time that could be spent better? (January, 2015)

  • Jay Kassirer's webinars are top notch. As a student and up and coming Social Marketer, I am So happy to have access to these resources and programs! (January, 2015)

  • I read your workbook some years ago, and though I informally apply parts of it in my work, I haven't been very scientific about carrying it out in full. I very much appreciate the chance for the deeper look; both with your examples and by incorporating our problems into the presentation. (January, 2015)

  • Well done webinar. I like how the presenter engaged participants with use of polls. Content was informative and useful for future program development. (May 2014)

  • Did a great job explaining concepts and examples in practice. It forced me to think about how we are using these concepts and come up with new ideas. (April, 2014)

  • Clear explanation of concepts. It felt very individualized. (April, 2014)

  • We made it to the webinar and enjoyed it. We only had 4 of us in a conference room yesterday but we would like to advertise it a little better to our department and show it again in the next three months. (March, 2014)

  • Well organized and dynamic (March, 2014)

  • Jay was very knowledgeable about the subject (March, 2014)

  • Jay helps people participate and is a good presenter (March, 2014) 

  • A good refresher on research methods and contains easy to implement ideas (March, 2014)

  • Useful if your organization uses research to guide their campaigns/initiatives (March, 2014)

  • Very instructive and helpful! (February, 2014)

  • It was perfect. Absolutely well worth the 1.5 hrs (January, 2014)

  • Clear and concise (January, 2014)

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Webinar FAQS

Q: I’m on dial-up – will that affect my experience?
A: We think you’ll be delighted with the experience, even if you use a dial-up connection for your Internet service. If you sign in for our social marketing webinars fifteen minutes before your session’s start time, your web browser should have adequate time to download the presentation content.

Q:Do I need a headset or speakers?
A: No. you will hear the social marketing webinars using your telephone and see the presentations using your web browser. You have to be able to be on the web while you are on the phone. We provide a dial-in phone number that is toll free from North America, and another (not toll-free) for calls from outside North America.

Q: Will I need to download any software?
A: Only if you don’t already have Macromedia Flash, version 6.0 or later, and a web browser (like Microsoft Explorer).

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Reduce Your Costs Further

We offer several ways for you to reduce your costs: 

  1. Invite colleagues to share your screen with you for the Webinar and share the cost. We charge by the connection, not the number of people at your end. (We do ask that you all focus on one topic / behaviour change to 'workshop' so that you don’t take more than your share of discussion time.)

  2. Students and NGOs can apply for free Webinars. We offer a limited number of free “seats” at each seminar. For details click here.

  3. Corporate pricing is available if you are purchasing ten or more workshop connections at a time (e.g. ten computers for one webinar, or five computers for two webinars) Contact our registrar or call 1-800262-0934 x3.


Tools of Change,
our social marketing toolkit

Webinar Reviews

To date, roughly 95% of participants have said they would either definitely (55%) or probably (40%) take another session this year and would recommend the sessions to their colleagues. 

  • I participated in a number of Tools of Change webinars with several of my campaign consultants, and enjoyed the format. The sessions reinforced the direction and tactics we've taken with our campaign so far and provided food for thought. It was great having my campaign consultants on the calls with me to help ensure that our team is in step on the latest thinking around community-based social marketing.

Wendy Reed ENERGY STAR Campaign Manager US Environmental Protection Agency

  • I participated in a webinar with 10 of my graduate students, who are enrolled in an Advanced Diploma program in Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management. The students had done some CBSM last term with another instructor, thus this proved to be a good review for them. They liked the format and the organization, and that they could discuss with their group and ask questions if they so wished. In our program the students quickly learn that we do not manage the environment we can only manage human behavior. The webinar will help students promote behavior changes and identify barriers to community participation that are not obvious at first glance. This is an important lesson as many work in international settings or in cultures that are unique.

Joy Blundon Instructor Marine Institute St. John's, NF

Other comments from our confidential post-webinar evaluations include the following: 

  • "Better than a typical conference session - more interactive, more really interested folks."

  • "The Highlights Series is a great way to learn. Whether or not a specific webinar is on your topic of work, you can still generalize the information. Makes social marketing concepts come alive." 

  • "It gave me a chance to explore community change processes for a different set of behaviours than I usually get involved in."

  • Great introductory course.. good examples...   I would highly recommend it. "

  • "Very informative, with layered insight on several levels."

  • "Valuable information and an easy-to-follow format."

  • "Informative and fun ..you can  ask questions easily and get answers as fast." 

  • " I appreciated the use of examples and participants own input to move the lessons along while building on the theory."

  • "I plan to urge all my co-workers to participate in these webinars."

  •  "You can learn at your own desk for a fraction of what you'd pay going to an out-of-town workshop or seminar."

More Workshop Reviews

“Jay is one of the finest workshop leaders I have worked with during my many years of involvement with training and capacity-building.  He has a deep understanding of and passion for social marketing. He illustrates points using relevant, real world examples drawn from his rich experience and case study collection. In addition, he knows how to engage participants in a meaningful, fun and enlightening manner. His workshop opened our eyes and provided us with great tools to work with afterwards. I have since recommended it to many colleagues.” 

Peggy Warren
Public Works and Government Services Canada  


"The workshop was exceptional for us in a number of ways. It got team members from different parts of the country, people who hadn’t met face-to-face before, talking about common issues using the same 'language', exchanging best practices, and working together more effectively afterwards. Those with a marketing background learned to apply their expertise in new ways, while those who were novices got a strong introduction. Although we received a lot of information, the course actually felt light at the same time. The bottom line? While we obviously can't attribute it to the workshop alone, our team's performance continued to increase rapidly afterwards." 

Louis Dumulon
Health Canada


“Takes the concept of environmental citizenship and brings it down to earth.  One of the most practical, action-oriented workshops available on the topic.”  

Pat Dolan
Environment Canada


Workbook and Website

Tools of Change Workbook

Our workshops are based on the Tools of Change workbook and website

Workbook: Covers environmental topics. View or order it on-line from Renouf Publishing.   After entering the bookstore, use the Search button at the top to search for the title 'Tools of Change'.

Website: Covers environmental, health and safety topics. www.toolsofchange.com 

Website Reviews

“The Tools of Change website is an invaluable resource for those planning a community-based social marketing project. The site provides an online guide to assist with the development of projects.  This guide can be tailored so that the provided examples are highly relevant to the program being designed.  Finally, the site provides in-depth case studies that demonstrate the utility of community-based social marketing tools. Highly recommended.”

Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Ph.D.
McKenzie-Mohr Associates


"A unique, practical resource...(an) important addition to Canada's inventory of innovative and well-researched tools for achieving sustainable development goals"

Elizabeth Crocker, Chair of the Education Committee
Canada's National Round Table on The Environment and the Economy


"I surveyed my students and they loved using Tools of Change. Planning their own outreach programs made the course more than just an academic exercise. In particular, I found the planning guide extremely effective … I know I wouldn't have gotten such good program proposals without Tools of Change. In my use of it over time, I expect there to be a small army of environmental science students better equipped to deal with human behavior."

Rick Chenoweth, who uses the website in his graduate course on human behavior and environmental planning at the University of Wisconsin


Best Practices

Why re-invent the wheel? One of the best ways of giving your program a head start, is to build on past success.  Cullbridge is routinely carrying out this sort of research so we can easily integrate our findings into your workshop or talk.  We have on-file recent best practice reviews covering the following outreach topics:

  • Active transportation

  • Home  energy conservation

  • Pesticide reduction

  • Program evaluation

  • Road safety

  • Sustainable transportation

  • water conservation / efficiency

  • Well stewardship

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