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Webinar FAQS

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1. Technical Issues

2. Participating as a Group

3. Payment Issues and Contacting our Registrar

3. Connecting from Outside North America

4. Other Issues

1. Technical Issues


  • Q:  I’m on dial-up – will that affect my experience?

  • A:  We think you’ll be delighted with the experience, even if you use a dial-up connection for your Internet service. If you sign in fifteen minutes before your session’s start time, your web browser should have adequate time to download the presentation content.


  • Q:  Do I need a headset or speakers?

  • A:  No. You will use your telephone, just as you would in a teleconference. We provide a dial-in phone number that is toll free from North America, and another (not toll-free) for calls from outside North America.  This provides (1) best quality of sound, (2) accessibility (many office workeds do not have speakers on their computers), and (3) additional system stability. You can use your computer speakers instead, if you find the sound quality adequate.


  • Q:  How do I see the PowerPoint presentations and other visuals? 

  • A:  You will use your web browser to see graphics. You have to be able to be on the web while you are on the phone.


  • Q:  Will I need to download any software to see the graphics?  

  • A:  Only if you don’t already have Macromedia Flash, version 11.2 or later, and a web browser (like Google Chrome and Microsoft Explorer).   

    • To see if your computer is webinar-ready, click here
    • To install Flash on your computer, click here.


  • Q: Will it work with my corporate firewall?

  • A: With a few exceptions, it has worked for everyone so far. If it doesn't work,  you will still have full audio (by teleconference), and a PDF of the presentation that you'll receive before the webinar. If this is your first webinar with us, we advise you to log in 20 to 30 minutes beforehand, in case you need to resolve technical issues.   


  • Q:  Should I be concerned about security?

  • A: The same way you would be concerned about security when visiting websites with your Web browser.

2. Participating as a Group

You may participate as a group, sharing the same computer and phone connection. Here's how you can make sure the group won't be let down for technical reasons.

  • If possible, arrange to be able to listen to the webinar via a phone connection rather than through your speakers. This provides an extra leg of stability and phone still provides the best sound quality.
  • Test your connection to our webinar system ahead of time. You can also ask our Registrar to arange for a live test into the webinar room.
  • Download PDFs of the presentation so that you can project these images and follow along by phone with your group if you should lose your web connection for whatever reason.
  • If you are participating in one of our highly interactive Tools of Change Instructional webinars, consider using two computers with Internet connections - one for projecting and the other for asking questions and entering responses via the text / chat box. You can also ask our registrar to send you ahead of time the URL for a viderecording of a past instance of the webinar, which you can use with your group as a final fallback in case nothing else work. Though rarely used, this option can be a lifesaver.

3. Payment Issues and Contacting our Registrar

Contacting our Registrar

You may  e-mail our Registrar, Cate Berthelet, or contact her by phone at (800) 262-0934 x 3.

Credit cards

  • Q: Can I pay by credit card?

  • A: Yes you can, using Pay Pal.

Currencies accepted

  • Q: What currencies do you accept?

  • A: Pay Pal enables us to accept credit card payments in CD$, US$, Euros, Pounds Sterling and Yen. 

Purchase orders and checks

  • Q: Can I pay by check or purchase order?

  • A: Yes you can, if you pay in Canadian or U.S. dollars. Send us a check, noting on the check the name and date of the webinar(s) you want to take. Please make your check out to: Cullbridge Marketing and Communications, 2699 Priscilla Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2B 7E1

    If you require an invoice first, please email our Registrar with your purchase order number and we will invoice you.

    We must receive your check a week before the webinar you are taking, unless you have contacted our Registrar to ask for an exception. 


  • Q: Do you offer discounts for students and non-government organizations?

  •  Better than that.  We offer a number of ways for you to reduce your costs. One of these involves providing a limited number of free “seats” at each seminar for students and NGOs. Please do not ask for these spots if you have a reasonable budget for such training. These spots are intended for those who would not otherwise be able to take the webinars. To apply, tell us who you are and how to get hold of you, your website URL (if you have one), how you will put the training to use, and how you will promote our webinars within your networks. 

4. Connecting from Outside North America

  • Q: Can I participate from outside North America? 

  • A: Yes you can. You will see the visuals using your web browser, just like everyone else. The only difference is that you will need to pay for your long-distance phone call, and will need to use our special dial-in number for overseas callers. To minimize costs, consider using a Voice-Over-Internet (VOIP) connection.  

"I have used Skype-Out to phone into the webinar from South Africa and once connected it works perfectly. It is ridiculously cheap - about 2 Euros for a 90 minute session."

Angelika Wilhelm-Rechmann
Johannesburg, South Africa

5. Other Issues

Continuing education credits 

  • Q: Do you offer continuing education credits?

  • A: Not yet, but we’d like to in the future.  Please tell us who we’d need to work with to be able to offer you what you’d like. 

Custom webinars / face-to-face workshops

  • Q: Can I book a private webinar or face to face workshop?

  • A: Yes you can. We offer customized webinars and face-to-face workshops. Contact: Jay Kassirer, (613) 224-3800,

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Reduce Your Costs Further

We offer several ways for you to reduce your costs: 

  1. Invite colleagues to share your screen with you for the Webinar and share the cost. We charge by the connection, not the number of people at your end. (We do ask that you all focus on one topic / behaviour change to 'workshop' so that you don’t take more than your share of discussion time.)

  2. Students and NGOs can apply for free Webinars. We offer a limited number of free “seats” at each seminar. For details click here.

  3. Corporate pricing is available if you are purchasing ten or more workshop connections at a time (e.g. ten connections for one webinar, or five connections for two webinars) Contact our registrar.


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Webinar Reviews

To date, roughly 95% of participants have said they would either definitely (55%) or probably (40%) take another session this year and would recommend the sessions to their colleagues.

Comments from our confidential post-webinar evaluations include the following: 

  • "Better than a typical conference session - more interactive, more really interested folks."

  • "Valuable information and an easy-to-follow format."

  • "Informative and fun can  ask questions easily and get answers as fast." 

  • " I appreciated the use of examples and participants own input to move the lessons along while building on the theory."

  • "I plan to urge all my co-workers to participate in these webinars."

  •  "You can learn at your own desk for a fraction of what you'd pay going to an out-of-town workshop or seminar."

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